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Section 526 - Impasse Resolution Proceedings: Compensation Negotiations

526.1 - Notice of Impasse - Contents 

When it appears that an impasse has been reached during collective bargaining negotiations regarding compensation matters, the Executive Director may be notified in writing by one or both of the parties. The notice of impasse shall meet the requirements of Section 501 of these rules and shall include, in addition, the following: 

(a) The name(s) of the chief negotiator(s) for each party; 

(b) The expiration date of the existing collective bargaining agreement (if any); 

(c) A description of the unit affected by the impasse, including the approximate number of employees in the unit; 

(d) The date when negotiations commenced and the date of the last meeting; and 

(e) The nature of the matters in dispute and any other relevant facts, including a list of specific labor organization and/or employer demands, upon which impasse has been reached.


526.2 - Consultation with Parties 

Upon receipt of a notice of impasse concerning compensation negotiations, other than an automatic impasse as prescribed under DC Code Section 1-618.17(f), the Executive Director shall verify with the other party (unless jointly filed) that the parties are at impasse. Upon verification or receipt of a joint notice of impasse, the Executive Director shall consult with the parties regarding their choice of mediator, if any.


526.3 - Mediation - FMCS 

If the parties are unable to agree upon a mediator, the Executive Director shall appoint one or request that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service provide one.


526.4 - Board of Arbitration 

If mediation does not resolve an impasse within thirty (30) days or any shorter period designated by the mediator, the Executive Director shall appoint a Board of Arbitration as required by DC Code Section 1-618.17; provided, however, that the appointment of a Board of Arbitration under DC Code Sections 1-618.17(f)(2) and (3), shall only be upon the request of a party.


526.5 - Arbitration Award 

Arbitration awards shall be in writing, and served on all parties within twenty (20) days after the board of arbitration has been established. The award shall in all respects conform with DC Code Section 1-618.17(f)(1), (2) and (3).