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Public Employee Relations Board

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PERB Responsibilities

Consistent with the statutory language contained in the CMPA, PERB's mission has remained the same since the agency's inception.

The Board:

  • determines appropriate compensation and non-compensation bargaining units;
  • certifies and decertifies labor organizations as exclusive bargaining representatives;
  • adjudicates unfair labor practice complaints;
  • considers appeals of grievance arbitration awards;
  • investigates standards of conduct complaints;
  • determines whether a particular subject or proposal is within the scope of bargaining;
  • facilitates the resolution of impasses in contract negotiations; and
  • adopts rules and regulations for conducting the business of the Board.

Consistent with the above-noted responsibilities, the Board is also authorized to issue subpoenas, conduct hearings and retain independent counsel to represent its interests.

Opinions, certifications, authorizations, decisions and orders of the Board are final, unless otherwise stated therein, for purposes of judicial review pursuant to DC Official Code 1-617.13(c) and 1-605.02(12).