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Section 513 - Election Procedures: On-Site Elections

513.1 - Procedures 

The procedures set forth in this section shall apply to an election conducted on-site, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties and approved by the Board


513.2 - Electioneering 

The Board's agent or another impartial entity mutually selected by the parties and approved by the Board shall designate the areas in proximity to the polling place in which electioneering shall be prohibited.


513.3 - Ballot Box Inspection 

Ballot boxes shall be examined in the presence of the observers immediately prior to the opening of the polls and shall be sealed following the observers' inspection of the polls and the ballot box. The seal shall allow for one opening on the top of the ballot box for voters to insert their ballots.


513.4 - Marking the Ballot 

A voter shall mark an (X) or a (%) in a circle or block designating his or her choice in the election. The intent of the voter, if clearly ascertainable from the ballot itself, shall be followed in assessing the marking of the ballot.


513.5 - Void Ballots 

If the ballot is faced, torn, or marked in such a manner that it is not understandable or identifies the voter, the ballot shall be declared void.


513.6 - Spoiled Ballots 

If the voter inadvertently spoils a ballot, the ballot may be returned to the Board's agent who shall give the voter another ballot. The spoiled ballot shall be placed in a "spoiled ballot" envelope. The envelope shall be sealed by the Board's agent and initialed by the observers, and the Board's agent shall place the envelope in the ballot box.


513.7 - Casting Ballots 

A voter shall fold his or her ballot so that no part of its face is exposed, and on leaving the voting booth, shall deposit the ballot in the ballot box.


513.8 - Custody of Ballot Box 

Each ballot box shall be sealed by the Board's agent and initialed by the observers after each election session and so kept until the re-opening of the polls and shall remain in the custody of the Board's agent until the tallying of the ballots.


513.9 - Assistance to Voter 

The Board's agent may, upon request of a voter, privately assist the voter to mark his or her ballot.


513.10 - Observers - Tallying 

Each party may designate representative(s) to observe the tallying of the ballots.


513.11 - Tallying Procedures 

Upon conclusion of the polling, ballots shall be tallied in accordance with Section 514 of these rules.


513.12 - Tallying - Location 

If there is only one polling location, ballots shall be tallied at the polling site. If there is more than one polling location the Board's agent, upon conclusion of the voting, shall seal the ballot boxes, each of which shall be initialed by the observers, and transport them to a predetermined central location. When all of the ballot boxes have arrived, they shall be opened by the Board's agent in the presence of observers and the ballot shall be commingled for tallying.