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Section 512 - Election Procedures: Mail Ballots

512.1 - Application Procedures

When an election is to be conducted by mail ballot, the procedures in this section shall apply, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties and approved by the Board.


512.2 - Packet

Each eligible voter shall be mailed a packet containing a ballot, ballot envelope, pre-addressed stamped return envelope and instructions.


512.3 - Instruction

The instructions shall advise the voter to mark his or her ballot without identifying him or herself, place the ballot in the ballot envelope, seal the ballot envelope and place it in the return envelope, seal the return envelope, which shall be signed by the voter, and mail it to the designated post office box or address provided in the instructions. The instructions shall also advise the voter of the date by which envelopes must be received. Ballots not returned by US Mail will not be accepted.


512.4 - Professional and Non-professional Employees

When the election includes a vote on a combined professional and non-professional unit, the appropriate voters shall be mailed separate ballots and ballot envelopes for unit preference and for choice of representative. These voters shall be instructed to mark the ballots separately, place them in their respective ballot envelopes, and return both ballot envelopes in the return envelopes.


512.5 - Observers

The parties may designate an equal number of representatives, as set by the Board, to observe the tallying of the ballots. Ballots shall be tallied on a date set by the Board.


512.6 - Custody of Ballots

Ballots shall remain unopened and be kept in the custody of the Board's agent until the date set for tallying. On the date set for tallying, the representatives and the Board's agent shall have an opportunity to challenge any ballots prior to the opening of the return envelopes.


512.7 - Marking of Ballots

A voter shall mark an (X) or a (%) in the circle or block designating his or her choice in the election. The intent of the voter, if clearly ascertainable from the ballot itself, shall be followed in assessing the marking of the ballot.


512.8 - Void Ballots

If the ballot is defaced, torn or marked in such a manner that it is not understandable or identifies the voter, the ballot shall be declared void.


512.9 - Challenged Ballots

Challenged ballots shall be handled in accordance with Subsection 511.4 of these rules.


512.10 - Tallying

All ballots that have not been challenged shall be separated from their return envelopes and commingled prior to tallying. The ballots shall be tallied in accordance with Section 514 of these rules.