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Section 510 - Election Procedures: General

510.1 - Conducting Elections 

Representation elections shall be conducted by the Board or by an impartial body selected by the mutual agreement of the parties and approved by the Board.

510.2 - Secret Ballots 

All elections shall be by secret ballot.

510.3 - Notice of Election 

The Board or other impartial body conducting the election shall furnish an official Notice setting forth the details of the election to the employing agency and to the labor organization(s) that are parties to the proceeding. This Notice shall be posted not less than seven (7) days before the date of the election, and shall remain posted until after the election.

510.4 - Observers 

In any election, each party to the election may be represented at each polling place by poll watchers of its choice, subject to limitations that are mutually agreed upon by the parties and approved by the Board, or are prescribed by the Board.

510.5 - Professional and Non-professional Employees - Voting Procedures 

Where an election involves a bargaining unit containing professional and non-professional employees, all professional employees shall be given two ballots: one for indicating whether they desire a combined professional and non-professional unit, and a second for indicating the choice of representative, if any.