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Peter Winkler

Public Member

Peter Winkler served in various capacities at the NLRB, an independent federal agency that administers labor law in the private sector in the United States. The NLRB decides representation cases, including questions of unit scope and unit placement, and unfair labor practice cases, including unlawful discharges, coercion of employees by employers and unions, the duty to bargain, and negotiability disputes.

Mr. Winkler began his service in the Board’s Appellate Court Branch, where he briefed and argued cases before the United States Courts of Appeals. Mr. Winkler also appeared many times in the U.S. district courts, trying cases and engaging in motions practice, and he drafted the Board’s briefs in several cases before the Supreme Court. During that time, Mr. Winkler became a supervisory attorney and then one of two managing supervisors in the Branch. In 2003, he was selected by a newly appointed NLRB member to serve as his chief counsel. After his appointment expired, Mr. Winkler was selected by five successive Board members to serve as chief counsel. In that capacity, he oversaw a staff of about 15 attorneys, and was intimately involved in deciding cases, writing opinions, and managing the business of the NLRB.